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Fab Morvan X Abdelicious | Best Of Both Worlds

Fab Morvan X Abdelicious | Best Of Both Worlds

MGIC World Announces the Genius Collaboration of Music and Film Producer #Abdelicious with World Famous Fab Morvan aka Milli Vanilli. New Single for label “Strangers in Paradise” hits the music world by storm. Documentary Series exposes the process. A real inside look at recording studios, and the passionate pursuit of a determined artist.

Amsterdam, August 2nd , 2015: Joining forces.

MGIC WORLD’s communication division announces the release of the new hit single for the label “strangers in Paradise”. And Documentary series showcasing the behind the scenes world of Music production with Fab Morvan.

Owner and CEO Abdelilah aka. Abdelicious of Strangers in Paradise, met Fab Morvan 2 years ago via a good friend, working on a single for his label “Strangers In Paradise Recordings”. Little did they know, their chemistry would lead to a great friendship, As a result the one off single turned into a partnership with multiple projects.

It all started after a few meetings sometime in November 2014 Last year, the synergy between the two was astounding, their thinking process and interests were very similar. As a results their growing team work happened naturally, the synergy was instant, a few months later they were deep in the process, preparing several radio singles which illustrated a perfect match.

Abdelicious has a “straight on” “just do it” mentality, a great creative beast in several disciplines paired with hard work and dedication. The perfect recipe to make things happen especially in the highly competitive fast moving world of music. Abdelicious has over 18 years of experience in many areas of multimedia design and worked as an executive producer and artist manager for several major record labels.

Running 5 record labels specialized in Electronic Dance Music, as a producer he goes by the name of Bombasquad, he released several radio singles that were well received in various countries. In his free-time, he expresses his edgy thoughts on his 2 shirt labels and on his latest company joint venture and partnership with serial entrepreneur Kelly J. Crosbie, of Canada – MGIC WORLD.

Fab Morvan, as one-half the well-known group Milli Vanilli he’s a musician who has always kept working on his skills, a true singer/songwriter with his heart in the right place. His passion for music, even though his experience almost destroyed him, He remained strong with a positive outlook on life. A story of triumph and strength. In the words of the Great LL Cool J “Don’t call it a comeback I’ve been here for years”. It’s all about timing, the time is right NOW, the world is about to witness the versatility of his talent. He was one half of Milli Vanilli, debut album, “Girl You Know It’s True”. Fab Morvan went on to MTV stardom, becoming with Rob Pilatus, one of the biggest musical acts of the ’90s, with worldwide sales of 30 million singles and 14 million albums.

The reason why they decided to create a documentary with a series of episodes, was to show the world, you can achieve anything if you stay focused and disciplined. It is a story that we believe will touch many hearts – and many can relate too. Reinventing yourself – and staying true to your core.

It’s an inside look into the process, from recording at Music studios, doing interviews and traveling around the world. An intimate look on how no matter what life hands you, you take the good and grow from there. With a few international collaborations in the making from Dubai, Istanbul, London to Marrakech. This is just the beginning. With sheer determination, unrivalled creativity, these two master minds will show the world what it takes to be a success in the world of music.

With some of their collaborative projects, Abdelicious participates as a producer or as an executive producer. His eye for detail – and ability to direct – pulls all the natural elements together to deliver a rich documentary, telling a beautiful story.

They’ve prepared around 9 radio singles and it’s time to share the music with the whole world. Their music projects include collaboration with one of Turkey’s biggest artist; Ragga Oktay; Dubai’s finest Nour; London’s best kept secret and formally MTV VJ Miss Mavrik; Dutch Caribbean Amsterdam based Shockman to; Dutchman Levy Pro; and the list is growing by the day.

Their aim is to be globetrotters in their musical adventures. The name of their documentary says it all, Fab Morvan X Abdelicious: Best Of Both Worlds. How two atoms fuse and create a world of magic.

Press Release Prepared by:
MGIC WORLD Communications in Collaboration with Stranger in Paradise Recordings.

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