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So you did think that you’ d seen it all in this so called EDM scene?? Guess you did get bored seeing the same acts, every time, everywhere and every single place you went to. You must have been thinking something like: “Been there….done that and saw that already!” It must feel like sh*t having such a realization after spending that much money on a ticket. Well here is the deal! We will not tell you that we’ve got the perfect solution or tell you a fairytale. What we are about to tell you most definitely does NOT start with “Once Upon a Time….”.

Let me tell you this…it’s like mixing a unique cocktail using only special ingredients. What started in 2003 as a Hiphop collective expired in 2006. Everyone in the collective choose to do other things simply because they needed to make a living. After a while genetic modifications were made to Bombasquad’s musical DNA which led to a total transformation in 2012, namely a collective of producers who had fun creating music but who were also passionate and dedicated.

They do not focus on one particular genre of music, but they believe in merging different genres in order to create a unique sound. Even though they love Hiphop music, they can make you dance like crazy with a Dubstep and Trap compilation or catch you of guard with some awesome yet commercial EDM pop music or some off the chain Electro house music.

The collective also collaborates with other acts to get even more involved in the scene. As a collective they did lay the foundation for 6 singles and several official remixes to be released in 2015.

Bombasquad is a rocket that is ready for launch, a gun fully loaded with bullets injected with pure exhilarating energy, a mighty dragon ready to be unleashed. It’s guaranteed that they will leave us a message on their way to Mars!


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